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CC CompoundTM is a safe, natural approach to ulcerative colitis

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Take CC Compound thrice daily with a glass of water. You should see results within 3 to 4 weeks.

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8 powerful herbs

CC Compound contains 8 powerful herbs selected for their anti-inflammatory, anti-diarrheal, and digestive properties.

People with all severities of digestive disorders use CC Compound as a safe, natural supplement that supports digestive health and promotes whole body wellness.

What Our Customers Say

Thank you for this product!

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis about a year ago. I have been on and then off just about every traditional medication offered for colitis. All of them caused intense side effects, mostly exhaustion, headache, nausea, etc., without really alleviating my colitis symptoms. We were talking about having parts of my colon removed.

So I did some research and found CC Compound. It has worked wonders. I am currently taking only CC Compound and a Tumeric Supplement daily and am doing amazingly! All of my colitis symptoms have either gone away or at the very least vastly improved. I will write more when I see my doctor again in a month, but he has alway been supportive of me finding "natural" remedies that don't cause side effects so I imagine he will be pleased that my health has improved so much.

Sara C., Springville, Iowa

Thank you Sara! We are very grateful that we could help you along your way to health. May you be well.

CC Compound

I believe I am receiving some positive effects taking the supplement. It took some time to start to give me results but I am able to eat more foods with less discomfort.

Adam A., Ontario, Canada

We are so happy that you are able to begin to enjoy food again. Here's to a rejuvenated appetite and healthy colon. Thanks Adam!

CC Compound
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